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2015-02-23 01:42 am

Friends Only

This journal is friends only!

If you want to add me, just comment here so I know who you are :)
I love meeting new people, I use this journal for my fandoms and for my mundane life.
So at times it'll be interesting, and at times it'll be very boring.
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2011-02-04 03:53 pm
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Crêpe Party!

This is my first real post in ages.

In which I talk about crpes )
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2011-02-01 02:50 am
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2011-01-09 12:12 am

(no subject)

Come here, and have fun!

Big Bang_Land ♥

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2010-05-10 06:35 pm

First post


I've tried to keep a diary once, but I just can't, so I'll simply use my LJ to talk in communities :)